Digital Forensic

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During the training

Hands-on Session

You will learn and improve your technical skills to conduct digital forensic with multiple hands-0n labs.


You will have the opportunity to focus and get professional consultation from trainer based on the challenges you face in investigating cyber incident and collecting digital evidence.

Crime Scene Investigation

You will practice and sharpen your skills by applying it in a crime scene.


Skills Application

You will be able to understand and conduct digital forensic whenever there is a cyber incident happended in your infrastructure.

Master Digital Forensic

You will be able to master advanced techniques to perform investigation and digital forensic.

Course Description

This comprehensive training covers the methodology of conducting a successful digital forensic investigation. You will learn how to determine the root cause of a hack attack, effective techniques and method for successful forensics investigations on both Windows and Linux platform, writing a report on the findings, as well as how to gather and analyze digital evidence legally admissible in court, all through the 4-day intensive hands-on training.

Besides, you will also be exposed to various tactics and techniques used for identifying and tracking the perpetrators footprints. By the end of the training, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to conduct a forensic investigation in a proper manner. The customize scenario on the last day allows you to experience a forensic situation that is applicable to the real world.

Course Outline

• Introduction
• Legal Issues
• File Systems
• Image Acquisition & Analysis

• Memory Acquisition & Analysis
• Data Recovery
• Log Analysis

• Mobile Forensics
• Malware Analysis
• Reporting

Learning Outcomes

• Enable you to understand the process and able to conduct a proper digital forensic investigation
• Learn how to discover traces of illegal or illicit activities with forensics tools and manual techniques
• Learn how to gather and analyze digital evidence requested by prosecution
• Able to utilize the latest technology that are widely used by the digital forensic experts
• Understand how to recover and interpret data intentionally hidden by culprit
• Learn how to write an effective report based on the findings of the forensic investigation

Who Should Attend

• Digital Forensics Investigators
• System Administrators
• Network Administrators
• Law Enforcement Officers
• Information Security Personnel
• And Anyone Who Requires Effective Digital Forensics Investigation Skills


4 days

Exam Detail

Number of Questions: 50
Passing score: 70%
Test Duration: 85 mins Exam + 5 mins NDA
Test Format: Hands On Lab
Test Delivery: Condition Zebra Hands On Forensics Lab
Exam Prefix: CZ400

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