Digital Forensics

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Our Digital Forensics Services Include But Not Limited To:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Database Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics

Digital forensics is mostly used to collect, examine, recover and analyze evidence collected from computers, laptops, mobiles and any other digital devices. With the ever increasing volume of information created, stored and deleted, the investigation of fraud and cyber-crime has become technically complex and challenging. As a result, a less skilled investigator may provide the findings in a format that is not useful for investigation and court.

Condition Zebra has been in the front line of information security solution provider for 7 years. We offer a wide range of digital forensics services that cover all types of digital devices. We follow proven and reliable scientific procedures to collect, examine, recover and analyze data from digital devices.

Our Digital Forensics Covers:

  • Computer Forensics

  • Cyber Crime Investigation

  • Data Recovery

  • e-Discovery

  • Expert Witness

  • Forensics Data Analysis

  • Litigation Support

  • Mobile Forensics

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